Webinar: Effektive løsninger for BioPharma industrien

I samarbeid med Cole-Parmer tilbyr vi et gratis webinar hvor du også får anledning til å stille spørsmål direkte til Cole-Parmers fageksperter.

Fluid Handling Solutions for BioPharma Process Improvements

Dato: Torsdag 11. juni 2020, kl. 17:00 (CEST).
Påmelding: Du må registerer deg på forhånd for å kunne delta.
Plattform: CISCO Webex (du kan bruke en vanlig PC med en standard nettleser og bredbåndstilkobling. Det er ikke nødvendig å installere noe ekstra programvare).
Varighet: 1 time. (35 min. presentasjon + 25 min. spørsmålsrunde).
Paneldeltakere: Colin Heathfield, John Batts og Philip Nyren.
Språk: Engelsk.

Leveraging IoT Technology to Gain Time & Save Money

If you are working in the Biopharma industry, you are already well acquainted with the tremendous benefits it brings to the world. However, the design, development and delivery of biopharmaceutical products can pose stiff challenges for the industry. Sometimes these challenges simply lead to frustration; while at other times, they can have costly consequences.

Cole-Parmer, the manufacturers of Masterflex®, have developed a range of pioneering peristaltic pump technologies; built on 65+ years of fluid handling expertise. By leveraging these technologies, you can implement process improvements that not only save time and money but give you more control than ever before. Take the stress out of workflow management and make the process a little more enjoyable!

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Gain time & save money using remote access technology
  • Adapt to new workplace safety guidelines
  • Maximise production through single-use solutions
  • Opportunity to submit questions to the panel
Cole-Parmer Fluid Handling team
Webinaret ledes av Cole-Parmers fageksperter for pumper og væskehåndtering (Fluid Handling)

Colin Heathfield – Technical Specialist EMEA – Pumps & Fluid Handling
Colin is a well-respected Technical Expert within the Fluid Handling and Pumping industry. He has been with Cole-Parmer for 14 years, bringing a solutions-focused approach to the fluid handling technical engineering discipline. His practical, hands-on experience spans pump system design, commissioning and providing technical solutions within the laboratory, process, and industrial manufacturing sectors (providing system design). Additionally, he has vast experience of supporting and providing solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical, Food and Beverage (F&B), Printing, Utilities, and Academic Research industries. Colin creates Fluid Handling solutions for customers across the EMEA region and is consistently looking at new technologies and solutions that generate improved results for all concerned.

John Batts – Category Manager EMEA – Fluid Handling
John Batts has been involved in laboratory sciences for much of his professional career. Over the years, he has worked for the US FDA; in private industry supporting animal science research; and in the broad pharmaceutical market, serving as a field engineer for a major equipment manufacturer, a technical specialist for an aftermarket consumables manufacturer, and as a pump specialist – all before moving to Cole-Parmer. During his time at Cole-Parmer, John has worked with the OEM team in the US, helping team members develop customised pumping solutions for internal/third-party equipment manufacturers. For the last two years, John has served the EMEA region as a Category Manager for Fluid Handling products, supporting the sales team and executing various strategies to help customers utilise core fluid handling products as tools to help them achieve their best results.

Philip Nyren – Global Product Manager – Masterflex® & Fluid Handling
Phil has 23 years of experience with Cole-Parmer and is currently managing the Masterflex® and Ismatec® peristaltic pump systems and equipment. Responsibilities and experience range from product concepts and development — working closely with design and engineering teams — to technical support and troubleshooting working directly with customers.


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