Webinar: Optimalisering av pumpeprosesser i biofarma

Lær mer om hvordan Masterflex pumpesystemer kan hjelpe deg med å pumpe sensitive cellekulturer i biofarmasøytisk industri, og samtidig forbedre produksjonskapasiteten. I samarbeid med Cole-Parmer tilbyr vi et gratis webinar om Masterflex pumpesystemer for biofarmasøytisk industri. I dette webinaret får du også anledning til å stille spørsmål direkte til Cole-Parmers fageksperter.

Dato: Fredag 9. april 2021, kl. 11:00 (CEST – norsk sommertid).
Målgruppe: Alle som bruker pumpesystemer innenfor biofarmasøytisk industri. Aktuelle bransjer: biofarma, bioteknologi, forskning, osv.
Påmelding: Gratis webinar. Du må registere deg på forhånd for å kunne delta.
Plattform: ON24 (du trenger kun en vanlig PC/Mac med en standard nettleser og bredbåndstilkobling. Det er ikke nødvendig å installere ekstra programvare. )
Varighet: 1 time. (35 min. presentasjon + 25 min. spørsmålsrunde).
– John Batts (Senior Technical Trainer, Masterflex)
– Philip Nyren (Global Product Manager, Masterflex)
– Mike Knapp (Global Product Manager, Masterflex).
Språk: Engelsk.

Webinar: BioPharma Process Improvement: Enhance your fluidics experience

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Leverage modern technology to minimise human errors and realise improved efficiency (and understand associated financial and time-savings benefits)
  • Access to continued product improvement and enhanced functionality
  • Achieve better control and higher flow-rate accuracy

Peristaltic pumps use the same positive displacement methodology that our bodies use to move food through the digestive system. Peristaltic pumps were first introduced in 1845 and patented ten years later as a well pump and again in 1881 as a medical tool. The technology has since been upgraded and adjusted to meet the needs of many industries, including medicine, research, and biopharma.

Today, peristaltic pumps are a crucial component in many workflows that require accurate, precise, and compliant performance. Peristaltic pumps must also be adaptable, easy to use, secure, and in many cases compatible with current automation protocols. The Masterflex family of peristaltic pumps offer a portfolio of products, components, and accessories to support various critical applications that require a reliable solution.

If you are involved in any stage of biopharma production – from research to process, and require pumping, dispensing or transferring of sterile, sensitive, or other fluids that need to be isolated from their surroundings, find out how the latest technological improvements to the Masterflex® family can enhance your peristaltic pump performance to improve your productivity.

You will have the opportunity to submit questions during the webinar and receive answers from the presenters.

About the Presenters:

John Batts, Senior Technical Trainer, Masterflex

John has worked in laboratory-based disciplines for his entire professional career, including more than two decades of pump experience. Currently, John focuses on providing product and application training for both internal and external audiences, sharing his passion for the products with colleagues and customers alike. John resides in the Pacific Northwest of the United States with his family and enjoys all the Northwest brings – mountains, the ocean, and whales!

Philip Nyren, Global Product Manager, Masterflex

Phil has 23 years of experience with Cole-Parmer and is currently managing the Masterflex® and Ismatec® peristaltic pump systems and equipment. Responsibilities and experience range from product concepts and development – working closely with design and engineering teams to technical support and troubleshooting working directly with customers.

Mike Knapp, Global Product Manager, Masterflex

Mike is responsible for the commercial development of single-use instrumentation and equipment. Most recently, Mike was instrumental in expanding the Masterflex® product line with the Masterflex Single-Use Gamma-Irradiated Sampling Bottle Assemblies. His prior experience includes 15 years in product management of broadband wireless technology and 7 years in nuclear propulsion operations and power generation.


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